Monday 15 October 2018

DT Spotlight Tutorial - Zahraa

Hello Zahraa here with a tutorial on how to make a vintage card. 
Fabric designs and colours have been a huge inspiration to me lately. For this card I wanted to mimic a piece of embossed vintage velvet that I had seen. How fun to translate designs into 
something real for me as a paper crafter. 

Step one:

Paint a piece of recycled card stock with a thin layer of Gesso and talc powder. Try and paint in two directions to create texture.

Step two:

Use three colours of distress oxide and black acrylic paint and paint over the 'gessoed' piece. Notice how the gesso texture really comes alive when you add colour to it. I started with touches of black paint first, then added distress oxides in selected areas.

Step three:

Leave the ink to dry and then emboss a pattern onto the card stock piece using an embossing folder and your machine. The pattern doesn't look like much until the next step. 

Step four:

Use your black ink pad and lightly swipe the ink pad across the embossed area. The ink highlights the embossed area beautifully. While the ink is still wet, apply clear embossing powder and heat set the powder. The heat embossing leaves the embossed panel
 with a gorgeous shine. 

Step five:

Use metallic pigment ink and apply with a jumbo dauber to add some more interest and character to it. The ink sticks to some areas where the embossing didn't take and adds a beautiful shimmer on top of the heat embossing. 

Step six:

Finally, trim the panel and create a beautiful card that looks rich and luxurious just like a piece of fabric. Combining your products together leaves room for creating magic in layers.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! you can find more photos on my blog thanks for stopping by,

Hugs, Zahraa 


  1. thats great Zahraa great tutorial thanks
    Gr Karin


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